EMDR Basic Training

Regina Morrow Robinson and Claire Mauer

Reg-and-Claire-About-UsThis is an intensive, transformational training!

Our training is fully accredited through the EMDR International Association and delivers Dr. Francine Shapiro’s research-validated training model in a personalized environment at an affordable price.

Reg was extremely knowledgeable!  Used great examples and delivered all the things you can’t get from just reading. 

Claire is an incredible presenter! – she is engaging and so knowledgeable!

Back to Basics EMDR
Refresher Course


Four reasons to invest in the Back to Basics EMDR Refresher Course

  1. You took the training years ago and are unaware of changes to the manual.
  2. You had inadequate opportunities to practice and have gotten “rusty”.
  3. You developed a “creative” approach and strayed from the Standard Protocol.
  4. You got stuck with clients early on and lost confidence.

You are awesome!  I love your energy and approach!

Claire is an incredible trainer.  She is so positive and inspires me every time I see her.

Recent Traumatic Event Protocol/Group Traumatic Event Protocol

Reg Morrow Robinson
Bill Brislin

This 2-day training is designed for EMDR trained therapists who recognize the need to have both an individual protocol and group protocol that can be applied effectively and safely to clients who have experienced a recent trauma.

Bill and Reg

Reg Morrow Robinson and Bill Brislin with Elan Shapiro

I have been a psychologist for 47 years and Reg is as good a trainer as I have ever seen.

Reg was fantastic.  She taught me so much.  One word:  awesome!

EMDR Therapy and Complex Trauma in Children

Cherilyn Rowland Petrie

Cherilyn-profileThis six hour workshop is designed to familiarize participants with relevant neuroscience so they can effectively develop case conceptualization for children who present with complex trauma including attachment injury, abuse and neglect.

Thanks for all the new techniques! I feel like I can finally help some of my most traumatized kids.

Everything was wonderful!! It reiterated my previous learning and expanded my knowledge and skill base.

Working with Dissociation and Complex Trauma
as an EMDR Therapist

Bill Brislin

Bill-bio-pictureGrounded in the AIP model, this one-day training integrates current relevant theories of complex trauma with practical interventions and resources for the EMDR therapist.

Really enjoyed Bill’s presentation style and energy.  He is very knowledgeable and approachable.

Bill has such an easy way of communicating complex issues; he is engaging and supportive.

EMDR Consultation

Whether you have just completed Weekend 1 of Basic EMDR Training, are working toward EMDR Certification, or want to hone your skills with complex cases and advanced protocols, Connect EMDR Consultation offers the ideal forum for your professional development.  We provide consultation to both groups and individuals; face-to-face or via easy to use HIPPA compliant phone or videoconferencing technology.