Connect Training & Consulting R-TEP/G-TEP
Webinar Participant Agreement

  • Please read, sign, and submit the following:

    By my participation in this training, I acknowledge my intention to reasonably comply with the following statements: Workshop and Materials:
    1. Only the registered trainee may attend the training.
    2. As these training materials (PowerPoint handouts, R-TEP Manual, G-TEP Manual, G-TEP Worksheets) are intended for use by licensed clinicians only and are copyrighted, I agree to restrict access for my own use.
    3. I will not distribute the training materials to others, clinicians or non-clinicians, without explicit written permission of the presenter(s).
    1. This training is being conducted on a HIPAA compliant platform. The participants and facilitator/trainer agree to keep the work done in practicum confidential. No personal material of others shared in practicum will be shared with others outside the training. Additionally, I agree to respect the confidentiality of other trainees by participating in a private location and/or wearing a headset so other’s clinical material may not be overheard.
    2. A significant component of the training involves clinicians practicing both protocols in small groups under the guidance of the trainer(s) and facilitator(s). These practice experiences are for training purposes only and not for personal therapy, though many trainees report adaptive therapeutic outcomes. All participants are encouraged to address disturbing real-life experiences as part of this training program to appreciate the subjective experience of EMDR as a client would, and to provide valid training experiences for other participants. By participating in this training, you are affirming that you have developed appropriate self-soothing and affect/arousal management skills to cope with exposure to this type of material and will be able to use these skills as necessary during and following this training.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY